Key Benefits of Choosing a Local Freight Transport Company in Chicagoland to Move Your Cargo

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Every business that needs to move goods, products, and other types of cargo requires a reliable trucking company providing excellent services at competitive prices. Today, there are over 570,000 trucking companies in the US offering nationwide, regional, and local shipping services.
One of the many things shippers in Chicagoland ponder is the choice between working with a local freight company or a nationwide/international one. Traditionally, most shippers opt for international trucking companies with a huge supply chain network.
However, most freight service providers typically focus on long-distance and international deliveries. Local companies, in contrast, usually reside within 100 miles or so of the shipment pickup and destination. Therefore, they offer certain perks that make them a more viable option for transporting freight within the same city or different states within a 100-mile radius.

In this post, we’ll share the key benefits of choosing a local freight company in Chicagoland to move your LTL cargo.

5 Reasons to Opt for a Local Trucking Company in Chicagoland to Move Your Cargo

1. Confirmed Reputation

Choosing the right company to move your cargo can be difficult, considering there are thousands of options you can choose from. One of the biggest advantages of choosing a local trucking company in Chicagoland is that they’re part of your community. You can learn about their reputation and quality of services without relying only on online reviews or their business sites by visiting their facilities in person.

The best local companies spend years building a solid reputation in their communities to ensure they become the go-to choice for shippers in terms of safety and cost-efficiency.

2. Local Expertise and Experience

Trucking companies operating within a 100-mile radius of Chicago and surrounding cities, towns, and suburbs have more experience and expertise in routes, weather and traffic conditions, and other factors. Their experience and knowledge help improve delivery times and security. In contrast, larger trucking companies often struggle to find the best routes and adapt to local traffic conditions, leading to delays and other issues.

Moreover, shippers can benefit from local expertise and experience as drivers and companies have vast connections with other carriers, essential trucking businesses (repairs/maintenance), and people in different areas who can help minimize disruptions and avoid delays following emergencies or breakdowns.

3. Personalized Customer Service

Local trucking companies typically have small fleets and supply chain networks. Therefore, most shippers provide more tailored customer service, especially in locations where competition is steep. Moreover, since they’re part of your community, they’re more likely to offer friendlier and more informative support.

Local companies also have lower turnover rates than their larger counterparts, meaning carriers and drivers are more dedicated to providing quality service and maintaining their reputation in the area.

4. Improved Delivery Times and Safety

Since local trucking companies in Chicagoland typically operate within a 100-mile radius, shippers don’t have to worry about idling, layovers, or delays, especially when opting for less-than-truckload services. Larger companies offering LTL services across different states usually take longer to deliver cargo due to multiple loading and unloading sessions, traffic stops, and rest periods.

Therefore, local freight companies in Chicagoland are ideal for shippers looking to save time since most deliveries are completed on the same day or within 24 hours.

Local drivers enjoy several benefits, such as shorter drive times and staying home every night. So, they’re more rested and less stressed than their counterparts, meaning they’re less likely to be involved in accidents due to fatigue, road rage, or other issues.

5. Community Boost

Another benefit of choosing a local freight transport company to move cargo is that the money you pay for shipping stays within the community. As a result, you can help small business owners improve their sales and revenue, including truck spare part vendors, gas stations, rest stops, and repair shops.

More importantly, you can help local trucking companies expand their value offerings, fleet, and resources by opting for their services. In the long run, doing so will ensure you won’t need to hire a large chain to ship your goods within a 100-mile radius.


Regardless of the type of cargo involved, choosing a local freight transport company is an excellent option if you do your due diligence in assessing the company’s reputation, expertise, pricing, and services. If you’re looking to ship goods within a 100-mile radius of Chicago, we highly recommend opting for Thinnes Transport.

For over 40 years, we have established ourselves as one of the top local shipping companies in Illinois, offering a wide range of warehousing and distribution services, including FTL and LTL freight transport. Moreover, we offer a dedicated fleet of powerful freight vehicles to ship different types of cargo.

So, feel free to get in touch with our team to request a quote and leverage our local expertise and experience to enjoy a seamless transaction, from pickup to transit and delivery.

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