Less-than-Truckload Shipping Services in Chicagoland

Looking to transport freight in small, frequent loads locally within a 100-mile radius around Chicago? Choose Thinnes Transport, one of the oldest and most popular shipping companies in Illinois.

Since 1975, we have maintained a solid reputation in the trucking industry as one of the go-to LTL load services providers in the state by striking the right balance of logistics expertise, experience, and resources. We’ve actively remained on top of technology trends and continue transforming our processes and infrastructure to improve delivery times and reduce costs.

Moreover, we also have a dedicated fleet of small/freight vehicles with in-house maintenance and an extensive network of third-party carriers in Illinois and surrounding states. Thus, you can rest assured we have everything you need to move your goods from point A to B quickly, safely, and cost-effectively.

So, get in touch with our logistics experts at 312-659-4809 to learn more about our premium less-than-truckload shipping services, and let us plan, execute, and track your partial truckload shipping.

Why Opt for Less-than-Truckload Services?

Less-than-truckload shipping refers to the transportation of cargo that doesn’t require a full truckload. Hence, it’s the go-to option for shippers looking to move small loads or quantities of freight at a fraction of the cost of procuring an entire truck to ship their goods exclusively. Here are the key benefits of LTL load shipping:

Our Less-than-Truckload Shipping Options.

At Thinnes Transport, we offer a wide range of options for shippers looking to ship cargo in small and frequent loads so you can plan your shipments more effectively:

  • Expedited Shipping
    Are you looking to reduce delivery times beyond typical transit time? You can opt for our expedited shipping service for emergency delivery so we can place your shipment on high priority.

  • Limited Access Shipping
    We offer limited access LTL shipping in areas in Chicagoland and Illinois with restricted or limited access, including construction sites and remote areas, to enhance safety and security.

  • Custom Delivery Windows
    Are you looking to move and receive cargo within a specific time frame? You can opt for our custom delivery windows service and enjoy tailored pickup and delivery times according to your processes or convenience.

Our LTL Service Area.

Since our founding, we have gradually expanded our LTL shipping services to many areas in Chicagoland, including (but not limited to):

  • Chicago, IL

  • Aurora, IL

  • Naperville, IL

  • Milwaukee, WI

  • Naperville, IL

  • Elgin, IL

  • Cicero, IL

  • Arlington Heights, IL

  • Racine, IL
  • Kenosha, WI
  • Joliet, IL

  • Hammond, IN

Get in Touch

Thinnes Transport is one of the most reputable trucking companies in Illinois and surrounding states. We offer top-notch LTL load services within every city, town, and suburb within a 100-mile radius of Chicago. Moreover, we have transformed every aspect of the value chain, from pickup to transit and delivery, to ensure our clients enjoy a seamless and cost-effective less-than-truckload shipping experience.

So, if you’re ready to move your cargo in small shipments, get in touch with our LTL shipping experts immediately by calling 312-659-4809.